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Global Economic Monitor Intro

GEM is a new World Bank online subscription service, updated daily, providing analysis of current economic trends, economic and financial data indicators, and an extensive database.

Focus Topics

Global food prices jumped 33%, largely because of increased production of bio-fuels...login/subscribe
25 January2008

Commodity price impacts. A measure of the real oil price increased 39% in the year to November... login/subscribe
12 December 2007

Terms of trade loss made worse for some oil-importing, low-income countries..logn/subscribe
15 November 2007

Monthly Briefs
Macroeconomic Trends - Monthly
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Domestic Indicators

*MRV=Most recent monthly value. Availability
varies. Period averages. Sources: World Bank, Datastream and IMF.
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Daily Brief

The Daily Brief is compiled each weekday morning to provide an update of the latest developments in world macro-, financial- and commodity markets. login

Daily Chart
Commodity Market Trends - Daily
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Energy Markets
*MRV=Most recent (close of business) daily value. Period averages. Sources: World Bank and Datastream.
Financial Market Trends - Daily

*MRV=Most recent (cob) daily value. Sources: World Bank and Datastream. Availability varies.
LIBOR on 6-mo deposits - Daily
*MRV=Most recent (close of business) daily value. Values are period averages in percent per annum. Sources: World Bank and Datastream.
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