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May 2012
Parliamentary Workshop at the Spring Meetings Parliamentary Workshop at the Spring Meetings of the World Bank and IMF - April 18, in Washington DC

Twenty-two MPs from 19 countries attended the regular Parliamentary Workshop which is organized at the margins of the Spring Meetings of the World Bank and the IMF. The workshop is jointly hosted by the two institutions, and organised in cooperation with the Parliamentary Network on the World Bank & International Monetary Fund.

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Parliamentary Engagement
Tajikistan Tajikistan: Engaging the legislature on Governance program
The World Bank's governance mission held a session with Tajik MPs in March and discussed how to best engage the legislature under the auspices of the Mainstreaming Governance program funded by the World Bank and the DFID (UK). Both the World Bank and the MPs appreciated the need to further strengthen transparency and accountability initiatives; and to develop capacity to foster the demand for good governance and discussed specific actions to strengthen the role of Parliament.


WDR 2012 EP Gender Committee Delegation Meets with World Bank in Washington
On April 4 in Washington-In a meeting with the World Bank's Director for Gender and Development, Jeni Klugman, a delegation from the EP's Gender Committee chaired by Mikael Gustafsson (Sweden) discussed the recently launched World Development Report on Gender Equality and Development, and its implications, both for the Committee's activities and for development work. Committee members were especially interested in learning more about the report's analysis on women's rights, voice and agency, and were happy to hear of the plans underway to increase the Bank's analytical and operational work in this important and, for the Bank, partly new field of activity.


Niger Niger: Introducing PN Delegates to the World Bank work in Niger
On April 12, the Niger Country Team met with a delegation of the Niger Parliamentary Network on the World Bank and IMF led by its Chair. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce the World Bank work in Niger to the delegates in light of the recent Country Portfolio Performance Review (CPPR). The Bank presented its global parliamentary engagement efforts along with capacity building opportunities available within the World Bank Institute (WBI). The fifteen member MP delegation stressed the importance of Parliamentary involvement at an early stage of the country's development programs and their willingness to exercise fully their oversight role as part of their important contribution to the country's goal to meet its development targets.


NATO and CMI NATO Parliamentary Conference in Marseilles
On April 11, Mats Karlsson, Director for the Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) addressed the NATO Parliamentary Assembly's joint 79th Rose Roth and Special Mediterranean Group Seminar that was held in co operation with the French National Assembly and the French Senate in Marseilles. For 2 days some 90 Members of parliament from NATO and partner countries and a number of other participants from the diplomatic, governmental and expert communities have been debating in Marseilles on "The Political and Economic Transition in the Maghreb, Machrek and Persian Gulf Countries".


Romania Romania: Delegation visit to Washington
On March 26-30, Ms. Claudia Boghicevici, Romania's Minister of Labor, Family and Social Protection visited the World Bank with two MPs from the Social Protection Committee and other senior staff. While in Washington, they participated in a "Romania Social Protection Week", designed for knowledge-sharing between the World Bank and counterparts. The Romanian team presented their comprehensive social protection system reform, while Bank staff informed them about emerging social protection challenges in the new EU members in pension, labor market /activation and smart safety nets. The Romanian delegation visited a One-Stop-Center for employment promotion in Virginia, and had an official meeting at the US Department of Labor.


Georgia Georgia: Strengthening Parliament's Capacity
On April 2012, the Parliament of Georgia has launched implementation of the project "Strengthening Parliament's Capacity for Legal Drafting and Policy Formulation." The project is financed under the Institutional Development Fund (IDF) grant secured by the Bank team led by the Senior Public Sector Specialist Elene Imnadze. The Bank considered supporting this project following the request from Mr. David Bakradze, the Chairman of the Parliament. The project aims at enhancing its operational effectiveness, strengthening lawmaking activity, and improving the public access to legislative information.


IFC and EP IFC Discusses Rethink of Development Policy with European Parliament
On April 24, in Brussels - Development banks like IFC are boosting emerging economies with billions in private sector investment and creating jobs in spite of the financial crisis, Lars Thunell, Executive Vice President and CEO of IFC, said at the European Parliament's Development Committee in a discussion entitled "Rethinking Development Assistance on 24 April in Brussels. "It's very much, especially after the crisis now, during the crisis, a question of jobs. And we all know that jobs are created by the private sector, especially by SMEs" Mr. Thunell told the committee. He added that development banks focused on the private sector "have actually increased their commitments substantially" to $40 billion a year, quoting the study entitled International Finance Institutions and Development Through the Private Sector.


Upcoming Activities for Parliamentarians

April 30-May 2- PMO Leaders Conference in Washington
WBI with other partners is co-hosting a conference on Parliamentary Transparency and Parliamentary Monitoring Organization Networking for global PMO leaders.

May 2-3- Parliamentary Mapping Process for Climate Change Lusaka, Zambia
In collaboration with the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA), WBI is piloting this parliamentary mapping process on parliamentary oversight of climate change, linking parliament with civil society to oversee climate change finance and promote institutional reform.

May 2-7-WAAPACs Accountability Conference in Monrovia, Liberia
In partnership with the Parliamentary Centre and CPA, WBI will help deliver this conference of the West Africa Association of Public Accounts Committee to enhance their knowledge on public financial management and the budget process.

May 7-8-ABCDE Conference 2012 in Washington D.C.
The Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics (ABCDE) is focusing this year on Accountability and Transparency for Development

May 7-13-SADCOPAC/EAAPAC joint Accountability Conference in Windhoek, Namibia
In partnership with the Secretariats of the networks and GIZ, WBI will design and deliver this Conference which brings together regional networks of PACs from Southern and East Africa to share good practice and innovation on budget oversight.

May 8-Global Trade Workshop hosted by European Parliament in Brussels
Bernard Hoekman, Director International Trade Department will be speaking on what the Bank is doing and on links between trade and development.

May 14-15-Parliamentary event in Copenhagen, Denmark
SDN (Sustainable Development Network) Chief Economist Marianne Fay will participate in "The Road to Green Growth & Sustainability" event organized by the Danish Parliament, which will focus on Rio+ 20 and on the EU's 7th Environment Action Program for Europe.

May 22-World Bank/IFC presentation to the German Parliamentarians in Berlin
World Bank Vice-President, Operations Policy and Country Services (OPCS) Joachim von Amsberg and a representative from IFC will jointly address Parliamentarians of the German Bundestag on priorities and strategic outlook of the World Bank Group.

May 22-23 -Africa and Diaspora Parliamentarians Forum in Midrand, South Africa
Hosted by the Pan-African Parliament with main objective to create partnerships and networks between Africa based legislators and legislators in Diaspora communities worldwide. The Bank will be represented to the Forum and is providing technical assistance.

May 28-30 – Workshop for Parliamentarians in Seychelles
The World Bank Country Office is planning a face to face workshop with MPs in Seychelles to equip them to be more effective in their budgeting and oversight processes.

May 28-31 – Seminar on the "Role of Parliament in Budget Formulation" in Helsinki
Organized by the World Bank Institute in collaboration with the Parliament of Finland and the Parliamentary Centre.

June 15-17 – Globe World Summit of Legislators in Rio, Brazil
The Legislators Summit will take place on the weekend prior to the Rio+20 World Summit. The Bank is partnering in the event on Natural Wealth Accounting which Globe is organizing on the margins of the Summit on June 20.


PRESS RELEASE | April 2012
New Country Strategies approved by the Bank Board in April
The Bank regularly engages parliamentarians and other constituencies during consultations on the Country Strategies. In April, the following strategies were approved by the Bank Board: Samoa / Gabon / Mozambique / Seychelles / West Bank and Gaza / Afghanistan

PRESS RELEASE | April 10, 2012
World Bank Announces Open Access Policy for Research and Knowledge, Launches Open Knowledge Repository

PRESS RELEASE | April 16, 2012
World Bank's Executive Directors Select Dr. Jim Yong Kim 12th President of the World Bank Group

PRESS RELEASE | April 18, 2012
The Republic of South Sudan became the newest member of the World Bank

PRESS RELEASE | April 18, 2012
The World Bank released new data showing that 3 out of 5 People in Developing Countries Lack Safety Nets

PRESS RELEASE | April 19, 2012
The Global Partnership for Social Accountability: A New Mechanism to Support Civil Society Organizations

PRESS RELEASE | April 19, 2012
The Bank announced the adoption of a new open access policy and launched the Open Knowledge Repository (OKR) to access research outputs and knowledge products

PRESS RELEASE | April 20, 2012
Africa ready to embrace a low-carbon future

PRESS RELEASE | April 25, 2012
Food Prices Rise Again on Higher Oil Prices and Adverse Weather

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