21 New Policy Research Working Paper Series

Report Document Title Author or Sender Date
6209 How Firms Use Domestic and International Corporate Bond Markets Gozzi, Juan Carlos; Levine, Ross; Peria, Maria Soledad Martinez; Schmukler, Sergio L.; 2012/09
6195 Bank ownership and lending patterns during the 2008-2009 financial crisis : evidence from Latin America and Eastern Europe Cull, Robert; Peria, Maria Soledad Martinez 2012/09
6187 The persistence of (subnational) fortune : geography, agglomeration, and institutions in the new world Maloney, William F.; Caicedo, Felipe Valencia 2012/09
6163 How bank competition affects firms' access to finance Love, Inessa; Peria, Maria Soledad Martinez 2012/08
6139 Can participation be induced ? some evidence from developing countries Mansuri, Ghazala; Rao, Vijayendra 2012/07
6135 Economic implications of reducing carbon emissions from energy use and industrial processes in Brazil Chen, Y.-H. Henry; Timilsina, Govinda R. 2012/07
6130 Political ideology, quality at entry and the success of economic reform programs Smets, Lodewijk; Knack, Stephen; Molenaers, Nadia 2012/07
6124 Potential gains and losses of Biofuel production in Argentina: a computable general equilibrium analysis Chisari, Omar O.; Romero, Carlos A.; Timilsina, Govinda 2012/07
6115 Economic implications of moving toward global convergence on emission intensities Timilsina, Govinda R. 2012/07
6114 More relatively-poor people in a less absolutely-poor world Chen, Shaohua; Ravallion, Martin 2012/07
6105 Financial globalization in emerging countries : diversification vs. offshoring Ceballos, Francisco; Didier, Tatiana; Schmukler, Sergio L. 2012/06
6099 Government spending multipliers in developing countries : evidence from lending by official creditors Kraay, Aart 2012/06
6082 Does it pay to be a Cadre ? estimating the returns to being a local official in rural China Zhang, Jian; Giles, John; Rozelle, Scott 2012/06
6081 Liberia : strategic policy options for medium term growth and development Dessus, Sebastien; Hoffman, Jariya; Lofgren, Hans 2012/06
6078 Impacts of large-scale expansion of biofuels on global poverty and income distribution Cororaton, Caesar B.; Timilsina, Govinda R. 2012/06
6076 Patterns and correlates of intergenerational non-time transfers : evidence from CHARLS Lei, Xiaoyan; Giles, John; Hu, Yuqing; Park, Albert; Strauss, John; Zhao, Yaohui 2012/06
6072 On the international transmission of shocks : micro-evidence from mutual fund portfolios Raddatz, Claudio; Schmukler, Sergio L. 2012/05
6067 "Green Growth :" an exploratory review Toman, Michael 2012/05
6066 Gender and rural non-farm entrepreneurship Rijkers, Bob; Costa, Rita 2012/05
6064 Experiments in culture and corruption : a review Banuri, Sheheryar; Eckel, Catherine 2012/05
6059 Excessive financial intermediation in a model with endogenous liquidity Eden, Maya 2012/05