21 New KCPII Projects in FY12

Project Name Task Team Leader
How to Improve the World Bank’s Global Poverty Monitoring Shaohua Chen
Changeable Inequalities: Facts, Perceptions, and Policies Peter Lanjouw
The Role of Public Works Programs in Enhancing Food Security: The Malawi Social Action Fund Emanuela Galasso
Can a Formal Address Do the Job? Favela Pacification in Rio de Janeiro Florence Kondylis
Early Childhood Nutrition, Availability of Health Service Providers, and Life Outcomes as Young Adults: Evidence from Indonesia John Giles
Welfare Impacts of Marital Status Shocks in Senegal and the Implications for Social Protection Policy Dominique van de Walle
Land Tenure Regularization in Nigeria: Potential Benefits and Implementation Modalities Klaus Deininger
Generating Job Matches between Firms and Young Women in Jordan David McKenzie
Bank Capital and Systemic Stability Deniz Anginer/Asli Demirguc-Kunt
Macro and Micro Lessons from Project Data Aart Kraay
World Development Report (WDR) 2014 – Managing Risk for Development Norman Loayza
Enhanced Global Macro/Financial Model for Developing Countries Theo Nortje Janse Van Rensburg
The Economics of Adaptation to Salinity Intrusion: The Case of Coastal Bangladesh Susmita Dasgupta
Linking Bottom-Up and Top-Down Models for Assessing Economy-Wide Impacts of Discrete Climate Change Mitigation Measures Govinda Timilsina
Development of Innovative Tools and Technologies for the Global Research Community Michael Lokshin
Online Data Analysis Toolkit (ODAT) Qinghua Zhao
"Visualization and Analysis Application Malarvizhi Veerappan
Global Analysis of the Impact of Policies and Firm Dynamics in Trade Ana Margarida Fernandes
Structural Transformation Analysis with MAMS Hans Lofgren
Structural Change in a Dynamic World Delfin Sia Go
Understanding the Broader Impacts of Transport Infrastructure Investments Uwe Deichmann